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RS MANN PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION is a law corporation, incorporated pursuant to laws of Ontario; authorized to practice Canadian laws.

RANBIR MANN is a lawyer and member of The Law Society of Ontario. We are also proud member of The Peel Law Association. We are fully licenced to practice Canadian laws. Ranbir Mann is a sole practitioner and director of RS Mann Professional Corporation.

 We are well established and widely known criminal defence lawyer in Toronto area. At the very early stage of our practice, we won our very first criminal jury trial; since then, we have focussed advocacy relating to criminal jury trials. Notably, arguing Charter Rights  like unreasonable search and seizures, arbitrary detention and trial within a reasonable time etc. remained key to our successful criminal law practice. This has made us, popular choice amongst criminal lawyers in Toronto area. Our top criminal law firm in Brampton, has a knack of taking challenging criminal cases relating to Criminal Code  (Canada) and Controlled Drugs and Substances Acts. This has put us amongst top criminal trial lawyers in Toronto.


Choosing an experienced  criminal lawyer  becomes a dire necessity, when facing criminal charges. An experienced defence lawyer choice, could be half the battle won. Such is the importance of hiring our experienced and top criminal law firm in Brampton. We strive to provide best possible legal defences to Criminal Code charges. We have extensive experience in winning Drugs charges. Whether it is a charge of simple theft or a homicide, a representation by an experienced trial lawyer in Brampton, like Mr. Mann, can be an intelligent choice. Retaining an experienced criminal lawyer in Brampton, like Mr. Mann, could be investing in future, free from criminal record. We bring common sense and legal precedents together, to win criminal charges.

Mr. Mann is fluent in Punjabi language and is widely known as Punjabi Criminal Lawyer in Brampton. Our criminal law office in Brampton is very conveniently located beside Brampton Court House, for the ease of meeting our clients on court dates.

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